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MVP: make sure before you run too far

Strike a golden mean. Do not put in too much effort and money just to see if your vision is right. Smart startups get all the feedback at the lowest costs available. MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is the minimum version of your product ready to be launched on the market. MVP is enough for the potential customer to estimate its value. This also allows you to measure his interest. We will build your MVP in 4 to 8 weeks!

Here is what you can expect from us!

MVP takes you just far enough from an incomplete and non-functional product.
In the process of preparing your MVP we achieve the following goals:


We analyze your idea thoroughly in terms of customer needs. Once completing the ready-to-use prototype, we determine exactly in what extent you can reach the intended effect. We evaluate all functionalities, calculate your costs and potential profits.


We can build your MVP in a form of a fully functional website. In order to maximize it's evaluation value we fit it with a basic CMS, take care of it's RWD and optimize in terms of SEO policy. We undertake the necessary Social Media activities to attract as many users as possible.


We create your MVP in a form of a web or mobile application ready to be evaluated by the customers. If necessary we prepare both of the above solutions.


Your MVP should leave a positive first impression even though it's just the basic version. We take care of attractive design and user interface already at this early stage.

Choose a pricing plan for your MVP

Ideally your startup should be just perfect – not requiring evaluation, research, prototype creation or customer behavior analysis… Ideally all this process should not be necessary before the very expensive full product version market launch. Unfortunately such an ideal startup vision happens more or less as frequently as… arrival of an alien spaceship. This is why we recommend to invest in Minimum Viable Product first and make 100% sure what you still really need to succeed! See two (negotiable depending on individual case) pricing plans we propose:

Budget plan
  • Consulting
  • Web application
  • Landing page

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