Engaging and innovative quiz application

Quizo is an innovative platform to carry out the quiz competitions in real time. It began as a web application and at the same time stationary form of entertainment held in the number of pubs and clubs. The questions are presented on the single screen (player) and competitors reply on their mobile devices (controler). Our company has improved many functionalities of the web app, however the most advanced task we completed for the client was developing QuizoGo – online version of the app which takes only mobile device and internet to compete with many nationwide users every day at the real time. User can create private teams or groups and invite friends, user also can join the larger groups by geographical locations. Every day the cash or item prizes can be won in this magnificent form of educational entertainment.

Scope and time of the project implementation

Nationwide, 2018.

What we did

We developed the frontend of the Quizo platform, implemented new functionalities and improved its UI/UX quality. However, the most demanding task we have accomplished was QuizoGo, a brand new mobile version of the web application. We developed it from scratch. QuizoGo enables users to compete online from any place in real time just with use of mobile devices.

aplikacje mobilne

Quizo about us

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``Implementation of the project with this team is more than just working with a subcontractor. They actively support the process of UI development with their responsive and creative approach.``

QL Brains Poland
All Polish speaking users can test their knowledge and compete with thousands of people from other cities at the same time every day. All it takes is mobile device and internet access.

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