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The future of TV

Samba.TV is one of the largest global smart TV software providers. Their apps are available on SONY, SAMSUNG, LG, ROKU, TiVO, TOSHIBA, ANDROIDTV and SHARP platforms and they work with top media brands like NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS, TMZ, ESPN, Disney Channel, Showtime or A+E Networks. Samba provides second screen solutions, interactive TV and smart recommendations for over 30 million screens from 118 countries.

Samba TV – What we did?

We developed a WordPress website with product presentation and company blog. Homepage shows a live data graph with current US viewership.

Interesting facts about startup

Did you know that the Samba.TV software is available for such a platforms as: SONY, SAMSUNG, LG, ROKU, TiVO, TOSHIBA, ANDROIDTV, SHARP and many others?

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