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The platform to automate the outbound sales

Growbots provides complex and AI supported online outbound sales platform. The solution key assets are automatic lead generation and email campaigns management which gives the salesmen and marketers the ability to reach many potential business partners within few clicks. The company was founded in Poland and currently is based in San Francisco, California.

Growbots – What we did?

Our company developed the frontend of the Growbots website as well as some backend implemenations to facilitate the optimization and efficient content management. We currently support in the fields of updates and modifications.

Interesting facts about startup

Once the company profile is created, the software selects those who meet its criteria from 200 million potential leads database. Then, on behalf of the company growbots runs an automatic e-mail campaign and informs about its results. Ultimately in the future, AI is to be responsible for the entire sales process. Source:

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